International team with experience in all areas of the supply chain.

"We help logistics and transport companies to grow and to adapt to the fascinating rhythm of globalization"

We are tenacious, hard workers and fun to work with.
About us


To help companies involved in the supply chain with corporate transactions: sales, mergers or acquisitions.

To promote company´s growth through vertical and horizontal integrations.

To develop internationalization plans and to promote partnerships in pursuit of synergies.


1. Experience acquired after more than 30 years within the logistics and transport sector

2. Continuous learning. To be open minded and to understand the new challenges.

3. To be specialized in the niche market of logistics and transport, helps us to understand the problems
We think that when it comes to any type of corporate deal it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of what you are buying, selling or merging.

Our knowledge of the peculiarities of the logistics and transport sector helps us to better understand the objectives of our customers. Knowing in detail the supply chain and being involved in its ongoing transformation process, gives us a broad view of where the companies of the sector go and therefore, we are able to offer practical solutions to our clients.