Sales, mergers and acquisitions of logistics and transport companies.

"There are always several ways to see and understand things. There is not always a single response or a wise decision. Problem or opportunity?"

We specialize in the fields of logistics and transport and work only for companies involved in the supply chain.
What we do?
Gaullar Ideas

Strategic Alliances

  • Diversification, growth and transition 
  • Process: search, selection and analysis of targets, negotiating and closing the deal 
  • In-depth study of the present and future situations 
  • International and national estrategic alliances and Joint-Ventures 
  •  Horizontal or vertical integration of two or more companies 
  • Rationalization of the external logistics and transport business 
  • Business plan and viability of the new alliance


  • Target identification
  • Initial "blind" approach (not revealing our customer's name)
  • Selection of the most appropriate options which bring more value by analyzing synergies
  • Financial and strategic valuation of target companies
  • Coordination of the Due Diligence, being involved in the negotiation and closing of the deal. Drafting of the LOI and various contracts
  • We provide advice to financial investors and management teams (MBO and MBI)
  • Business plans and financial leverage
  • We design, implement and carry out post-buying and integration plans


  • Preparing the Company for sale ("exit planning")
  • Development and unification of all documents
  • Confidentiality, discretion and prudence
  • Avoid the curious
  • Address to who can buy not to those that just would like to
  • Development of the 'short list'
  • Clear reasons for sale
  • Not to hide critical affairs but presenting a real image, enhancing the strong points and proposing solutions to the possible weak points
  • In-depth knowledge of what we are selling
  • Gather the information in a "virtual data room"


  • Understand the business separately 
  • Preliminary study of feasibility with synergies 
  • Establish rules from the beginning 
  • Be objective and deepen the advantages 
  • Range of value of each business / company 
  • Define labour devisions as soon as possible 
  • General operations protocol 
  • Segregation Balances

We also solve problems of all kinds in the field of logistics and transport, focussing on reducing costs and optimizing resources. Providing solutions in any strategic corporate operation, assisting our customers in the whole process until they are fully satisfied.


General and specialized (food and beverages, cold chain, retail, pharma, automotive, chemicals, dangerous products,...)
Warehousing, distributors
Factory procurement
Contract Logistics


Refrigerated, Car Industry, ADR, Big volume, Industrial Projects, Couriers

Freight Forwarders

Shipping industry: agents, port terminals, shipping lines


Road (FTL, LTL)
Seafreight (FCL, LCL)